Introducing COCOVADO: An All-Natural Bodycare Line

COCOVADO: An All-Natural Bodycare Line Based Out of Brampton, ON, Canada

Good afternoon beautiful people!

My name is Krys and I’m the founder of COCOVADO! Welcome to our website! I’m so excited to finally be sharing this brand with you! It has been over five years in the making… ironically one day from today (May 11, 2017). Tomorrow, five years ago, (does that even makes sense?!) I made the choice to go natural. I decided to stop using heat on my hair completely and start taking care of my hair with love and intention. At that time, I was blow drying my thick type 4 hair multiple times per day, eating all sorts of processed foods and generally doing the most to hurt my body!  It was from this transition, that I also chose to start making my own products to save money. I didn’t have a stable income at that time and the prices that the beauty supply was showing me did not add up to my budget.

After years of testing, trials and testimonies, I had found the recipes and combinations that seemed to work for not only my oily skin and thick hair, but that also of family, friends and even strangers! This is when I decided that this was something that I wanted everyone to able to get their hands on, and this is where we are today!


So, what exactly is COCOVADO? COCOVADO is an all-natural bodycare line that creates effective, handmade products for hair and skin. All our products are multi-use, meaning that you can use them for multiple needs from beauty, wellness and living.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this post. It is the first of many that I will be writing to engage, learn and fellowship with you!

Yours Truly,

Krys, Naturally!

4 thoughts on “Introducing COCOVADO: An All-Natural Bodycare Line

  1. Sue Atwere says:

    I have used all the products and they are fantastic and get the job done with amazing results. Thank you Krys!

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